Top Residential Real Estate Firms in Los Angeles

On March 7, 2011, the Los Angeles Business Journal ran it’s list of the top Residential Real Estate Brokers in Los Angeles County. Bel Air, Calif.-based Rodeo Realty ranks as the fourth largest firm in L.A. based on sales volume for calander year 2010.

The data below shows 15 out of the 25 firms listed in the newspaper’s original publication. Data is directly from the Los Angeles Business Journal. Rodeo Realty customized the top and bottom portions of the document.

What the list does not show is that Rodeo Realty has a total of 11 offices, and more than 1,000 agents, in L.A. County and Ventura County combined. The company’s 2010 sales volume for both counties was approx. $1.8 billion

To view the Los Angeles Business Journal’s original and complete list visit: