Smart Home in Pacific Palisades

Home automation is growing in popularity, especially as digital technology evolves. The idea is to interconnect and remotely control electronic devices in a house,  such as lighting, air conditioning, security and other devices, from a centralized computer or Internet enabled telephone.
In its simplest form, home automation is convenient for the homeowner and cool for the tech hobbyist. He/she can do things like adjust the thermostat, or turn on music, well before arriving home. But some people also consider the technology to be a boon for energy efficiency and the whole concept of the smart energy grid. Actress Jennifer Aniston is even known for having incorporated smart home technology into her multi-million dollar California residence.

That said, Joe Babajian of Rodeo Realty and Bachir Oueida of Nelson Shelton & Associates just co-listed an 11,000 square foot architectural property in Pacific Palisades that has extensive smart home technology. You can manage  lights, media, fireplaces, AC/heat, and the home’s 12-foot Fleetwood pocket doors and screens with the touch of a finger.

The estate is on the market for $14,950,000. Joe Babajian can be reached at (310) 623-8800. Bachir Oueida can be contacted at (310) 722-7727.