Rodeo Realty on the Sunset Strip

Melissa Zee of Rodeo Realty’s Sunset Strip office just unveiled a new billboard at the intersection of La Cienega Blvd. and Sunset. It includes a great photo of Zee, contact information, and, of course, the Rodeo Realty shield and name. Check it out:

Who is Melissa Zee? She’s a top-notch real estate professional, all-round cool person, and somebody who has great insight about real estate on the Westside of L.A. For more information visit:

Rodeo Realty opened its 10,000 square foot Sunset Strip office back in January 2011. Since then, office manager Fred Henry has recruited some of the Westside’s best real estate talent, including Zee. A couple months ago Rodeo unveiled another billboard on the Strip.

In other news, Rodeo is placing the finishing touches on its new 13,000 square foot Beverly Hills office. In fact, agents are beginning to move-in tomorrow (April 28). Stay tuned for some great photos and information about the new 202 N. Canon Drive 90210 real estate hub.