Rodeo Realty Agents List 6 Of Top 10 Modern Homes In Los Angeles

Residential Real Estate website Destination Luxury posted a Top 10 Modern Homes in Los Angeles – On and Off the Market article and SIX of the listings were run by Rodeo Realty agents! The homes range in price from $4.2M to $14M and are located all over the city. Many of the homes had one thing in common (besides the modern architecture) they all have AMAZING views.

Listing Agents

  • #5 – Joe Babajian
  • #6 – Ben Bacal
  • #7 – Bruce Walker
  • #8 – Joe Babajian
  • #9 – Ben Bacal & Roger Perry
  • #10 – Joe Babajian & Stephen Walton

Check out more about the homes that made the list here or on Destination Luxury’s Instagram: @destinationluxury