Rodeo Realty's Julie Candice, A Highly Recommended Realtor!


We HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Julie Candice. She is a standout real estate professional – and just a wonderful person all around.

We were new buyers relocating to the area. Julie met us with patience and deep market knowledge. She listened to us, anticipated our priorities, and compiled a thoughtful list of options. She was tireless in showing us properties (and I mean tireless – she showed us 14 in one day! ) and always willing to spend time to help us find / visit / think through potential options.

She is also analytical and numbers-oriented. During the process of narrowing down the list to our house, she pulled various comps and thought creatively about how to value the property (she even performed her own appraiser analysis – leveraging her experience to estimate the home value based on various parameters – just like an appraiser would, which was fascinating). She helped us think through the relative value of various properties and we felt very prepared in making a bid. And she was quite strategic in how to approach the bidding process based on market dynamics and seller expectations.

But then Julie’s true skills came to the forefront when helping us negotiate and close the purchase. She has mastered the art of the buying process. And she managed (through great organization skills) countless high performing inspectors to help diligence the house on a very short timeframe. We knew what we were buying – no surprises – and she helped us every step of the way. And during the negotiations, she was critical in helping us arrive at a very fair deal. We knew the outcome was optimal – and we could rely on Julie to execute.

She helped us realize fair and favorable terms. At times we had a challenging seller dynamic, which Julie navigated gracefully and to a successful conclusion. Strong interpersonal skills – and she was tenacious in fighting / negotiating for our side even when it would have been easier to just capitulate (and easier for her!). That is not in Julie’s DNA. She wants the best for her clients and takes her clients dreams personally.

Lastly, Julie provided the full suite of services (above and beyond the call of duty!). She coordinated a contractor for us (after soliciting multiple bids on our behalf which took time and effort), lists of gardeners, housekeepers and pool cleaners, and even helped arrange for a nanny to watch the kids. And the fact that she is willing to provide and help with any service (even if she’d not directly compensated for it) is just part of her personality. She is the consummate professional with high customer service and a friendly disposition. She treats you so well.

What is most unique about Julie? She always has your best interests in mind. Contrary to some agents in the profession where personal motivations sometimes creep into behavior… you never have to worry about that Julie. You know with complete confidence and trust that she is ALWAYS looking out for you and your interests. And a lot of it is behind the scenes and we only learned after the fact (i.e., she just does her job so well, takes pride in her job, and looks after things both big and small). She is honest. Truly honest.

In the end, Julie became a personal friend of ours (she’s just lovely). And we only wish everyone we interact with professionally was a conscientious and responsible as Julie.

Feel free to contact us anytime for more color live. We are very happy and now loyal clients of Julie’s!

-Alex and Alexandra Albert