Testimonial for Sam Kwasman in Rodeo Realty's Studio City Office!


To Whom it May Concern:

Sam Kwasman was our realtor for our recent home sale, and we heartily recommend his services. We hired Sam in the late spring, knowing that we would be moving across the country only a month after putting the house on the market.

Selling your house from 3,000 miles away can be a nerve-wracking proposition,but with Sam, we never had a moment’s doubt. He was everything you would hope for in a realtor: hard working, persistent, thorough, and always pleasant to work with. Sam visited our property constantly, always keeping tabs on its condition. He helped fix problems when they arose, and always kept us in the loop on new developments.

We had some bad luck with our property because the market cooled off right around the time we listed, and we had the misfortune of attracting several flaky buyers who made offers that were abandoned. Through it all, Sam was positive and persistent, staying on top of the buyers’ agents, and bargaining for us once we finally found the right buyer. During the months that our house was on the market, Sam held open houses almost every weekend. He worked his butt off for us and always made us feel like we were his first priority.

We had a very positive experience with Sam, and we are happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, charming, hard-working realtor.



Bill and Carin Folman