Lonnie Mintz is a Great Representation of Rodeo Realty: Read His Outstanding Zillow Review

Wow!!!  I want to share a truly amazing buyer review I just received from my client on Zillow – “We had been researching the real estate market in the West Valley for a number of years before we were ready to purchase, so I had met and talked with Lonnie at a number of open houses throughout that period.  I knew that Lonnie was a prominent figure in the San Fernando Valley real estate market, but when I worked with him on a personal level, I realized why his reputation precedes him – he’s the best.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s my honest assessment after having purchased multiple properties in Southern California and working with a number of different brokers.  Lonnie is a cut above the rest – he’s attentive, he’s caring, and most of all, he’s accessible.  No question was too small for him – he would always answer any inquiry I had, and would do so in a manner that was both prompt and perceptive.

We are planning on purchasing another property in the coming years, and when we’re ready to buy, Lonnie will be the first person that I call.  If you are in a similar situation, I would urge you to do the same.  With Lonnie, you receive the finest care and attention one could hope for in a real estate transaction.  As I mentioned before, he is as good as they come, and unlike other brokers on the market who might claim the same level of service – Lonnie actually backs it up.” – tmiller247