Rodeo Realty Agent Wendy Dern Organizes Care Packages for the Troops

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“For The Troops” is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that sends “We Care” packages to our troops in harms way, throughout the year. The packages are sent to individual service people and include little things from home; from basic toiletries, decks of cards, snacks, personal letters written by volunteers in the community, other comforts, and more.  Candy is included in every one of the more than 2000 packages sent per month.  For the last 5 years I have sponsored a candy drive to help supply this wonderful organization with as much candy as I could.  This year was a very fulfilling year as I got another school participating, (bringing me to 4 schools: Nobel Charter Middle School, Topeka Charter SAS, Gridley Elementary, and Cleveland High School “for The Troops” Club) and support from agents in the Northridge office and my farm.  I collected almost 1000 lbs. of candy.  Syd generously offered to match “dollars for candy collected” and donated to “For The Troops” organization. 100% of all donations go to sending packages to the troops, either in contents or postage.


If any of our agents or readers is interested in volunteering the organization info is below:

For The Troops

P.O. Box 12

Simi Valley, Ca 93062

(805) 306-0830


Headquarters:  2960 Cochran  Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065