The Best Paint Color for Your Mood

You feel it when you walk into a room. The colors on the wall almost instantly evoke a certain feeling. So when it comes to your abode why not paint your home to fit your mood? Make your house a true sanctuary. Read below for a list of colors to match every emotion!

Mood: Warm and Cozy

Reds, yellows, and oranges are considered warm colors and draw inspiration from elements in nature like fire and the sun. Layering warm tones—think: terra cotta or coral—with a honey-hued wood creates an inviting and cozy feel in any room.

Mood: Relaxed

A color palette of beige, warm whites and green mixed with natural wood feels relaxed and grounded. Bringing the outdoors in is a popular design mantra for a reason—we crave nature’s lush hues. Greens, in particular, remind us of spring and enliven us with a feeling of renewal.

Mood: Refreshed

There’s no more refreshing color than soft blue-green. Expansive and boundless, like the sky and the ocean, this hue gives us room to breathe.