Rodeo News: LA Magazine Names Rodeo’s Own Among 2020 Real Estate All-Stars

With 2020 kicked into high gear, Rodeo Realty is off to a great start. This month, LA Magazine released their 2020 list of “Real Estate All-Stars,” and named 22 of our own agents. With tens of thousands of agents based in Los Angeles, it is an honor to see so many Rodeo Realty agents included.

Rodeo Realty is not just a leader in Luxury Real Estate, it is a family of top-producing agents, unparalleled expertise, and global presence. Check out the Rodeo Realty agents included in theĀ  “Real Estate All-Stars” list below!


Michael Barasch
Dana Frank
Josh Flagg
Casey Gordon
Scott Goshhorn
Jimmy Heckenberg
Poupee Komenkul
Jordana Leigh
Adi Livyatan
Paul Margolis
Peter Maurice
Leo McHale
Shane Nichols
Matthew Paul
Roger Perry
Ben Salem
David Salmanson
Marc Tahler
Andrew Teshinsky
Carol Wolfe
Kenneth Zietz
Desiree Zuckerman