Home Tips: April Home Improvement Checklist

See this handy April Home Improvement Checklist to plan for a safe and enjoyable Spring and Summer.


Tip #1: Check safety devices

Check that your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are functioning and add new batteries to them. Check for recalls of your home safety products as well –  you can find up-to-date listings at Recalls.gov.


Tip #2: Inspect driveway, paths, and walkways

Check your driveway and paths for cracks and damage from winter freezing and thawing.  Schedule repairs as needed.


Tip #3: Inspect the property for standing water

Eliminate mosquitoes and inspect breeding grounds by inspecting your property for standing water. Also, inspect any flower pots that have been left out since they can fill with water too. Eliminate any puddles you may find in your yard and gardens.


Tip #4: Clean garbage cans and recycling bins

Take all garbage cans and recycling bins outside and give them a thorough cleaning with a brush and detergent. Let dry and bring back indoors.


Tip #5: Wash siding

Use a pressure washer to wash the siding of your home. Mold and dirt can build up with time. Remove it to keep your siding in tip-top shape and maintain your home’s curb appeal!


Tip # 6: Test sprinklers, hoses, hose reels, and irrigation system

Test all of your water sprinklers, hoses, and irrigation system if you have one to make sure they are ready to go once the weather warms up enough to water your gardens. Replace any damaged water sprinklers, hoses, and hose reels.


Tip #7: Schedule air conditioning inspection

Now is the time to make sure your air conducting system is functioning! Schedule an inspection and order any parts required.