Our Favorite Fall Home Decor Ideas | Home Tips

Few additions make your home more inviting, both to family and visitors than home decor that embraces the season. It seems this is particularly the case during fall when magnificent colors and returning family members warm the soul and delight the heart. Here are a few fall home decor ideas to get you started.

Front Porch Decor

Bring a smile to the faces of friends and family alike with fall front porch decor. Try arranging pumpkins, both regular-sized and mini, orange and white, with various gourds around your porch chairs and tables. Intersperse them with orange mums for an especially seasonal look.

Autumn Indian Corn Wreath

Many people display evergreen wreaths during the holidays but consider an autumn wreath as well. Autumn wreaths that are beautiful and reflective of the season include Indian corn wreaths of varying colors and wreaths made of wheat or dried flowers.

Fall Tea Light Display

Are you crafty? Then maybe a fall tea light display may interest you. Carve out the center of a small half-log. then place pine cones and tea lights in an alternating pattern in the log. It’s perfect for an entranceway or coffee table.

A Cornucopia Centerpiece

The cornucopia, the symbol of plenty and of a bountiful harvest, serves as a perfect fall home decor centerpiece. Consider stuffing it with wheat stalk, small gourds of varying types, and apples and pears for a colorful and attractive presentation.

A Wheat Stalk End Table Display

The wheat stalk is an enduring symbol of fall. Gather an arm full of the golden stalk, crop the ends, feather the tops, and place them into a long vase. It will make a simple but elegant display for any hallway end table.

Framed Leaves

As summer becomes fall, green leaves explode into reds and oranges and yellows, hinting at endings and new beginnings. For a fall wall decoration, consider framing leaves of different sizes and colors in mismatched frames for an exquisite gallery of fall leaves.

A Seasonal Bar Cart

Keep the fall theme going throughout your home with rolling bar carts. Arrange wheat stalk, pine cones, pumpkins, and gourds around your normal bar cart fare for an autumn mantel on wheels feel. A great and simple way to bring fall home decor to any room.

This year consider showcasing the earth’s light and bounty inside and outside your home with these fall home decor ideas. Enjoy the seasonn.