Does Your Kitchen Need a Backsplash? | Home Tips

A kitchen backsplash protects the kitchen wall and improves the overall aesthetic in your kitchen. However, choosing the right backsplash can be tricky because there are countless options. We’re sharing our tips to make the right choice for your kitchen in this week’s blog!

5 Things To Consider When Getting the Perfect Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Before you settle on a specific kitchen backsplash, explore the different colors, designs, and materials to identify the best one for your kitchen.

1. Complementary Colors

Matching the color of your kitchen backsplash with that of the walls, counters, appliances or cabinets might not be the best option because using a single color on everything can make everything bleed together.

Consider using a shade that’s slightly darker than the countertop to add definition, texture, and depth. Doing so also makes your kitchen appear roomier. Ample natural light accentuates the darker colors. Lighter colors, too, can make your kitchen seem bigger. Just make sure they complement rather than match your countertop.

2. Easy To Clean and Maintain

A good kitchen backsplash effectively protects your kitchen wall, so you want non-porous options that are easy to clean. Go for a backsplash that’s not easily susceptible to heat and stains because the kitchen tends to get hot and grease tends to splash onto the kitchen walls.

3. Matches the Grouting

The color of your grout should blend seamlessly with your backsplash so that grease stains are not as conspicuous, so you might want to steer clear of white grout. Likewise, the grout should also be durable to stand up well against stains and heat. Darker grout is also a good option as it can accentuate the color of the tiles and complete other aspects of your kitchen.

4. High-quality and Sustainable

Go for a backsplash made of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. Many options are available, including cork, glass, brick, and clay. The great thing about most of these materials is they are available in various designs and colors. You can also find environmentally friendly materials.

5. Size of the Backsplash

Your budget and preferences will determine the height of your kitchen backsplash. The backsplash can cover the entire height of the wall, protect only a section of it, or cover only the bottom of the cabinets. Where possible, it can cover every available space around the stove and sink right up to the ceiling. Choosing the right design and color can really pop your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Choose a Beautiful, Durable Kitchen Backsplash

As mentioned previously, your preferences and budget are the main factors that determine your choice of kitchen backsplash. Go with a design and colors that not only make you happy but that will also last a long time.

There’s no one size fits all. Plain shades can work as well as mosaics. For the best results, consult an experienced interior designer. Call [Company Name] to learn more about buying and selling luxury real estate properties in Southern California.