Your January Home Checklist | Home Tips

Winter isn’t just a time for hibernation; it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out the old and make space for something new. Give your home some midwinter tender loving care with these January home tips designed to warm up your abode and inspire exciting plans in 2023!

Quick Things to Check for and Check Off Your January Home List


Protect your home and family this winter by making sure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. Take the time to systematically test each device, replacing batteries when necessary for optimal safety assurance during cold weather months.

Make your home perfect for indoor fun. Revamp the board game nook – ensure each beloved set has all its pieces, then store away those that are no longer played with to free up space or give them to someone else who might enjoy it! 

Get ready for the chill of winter with an inventory check and refresh of your cold-weather accessories! Cozy socks, hats, scarves, and gloves can help keep you warm during chilly months. Scout through any hiding places – to take stock of what’s available so that you’re prepared when temperatures drop. Time to get shopping if needed!

The Weekends are For Fun and Checking off Your January Home List

In winter, it’s important to take proactive steps to ensure that your pipes don’t suffer a costly freeze. Make sure any exposed outdoor plumbing is insulated, and set up a neighbor or friend with access so they can turn on your water in case of an emergency. Also, be aware of where the home shut-off valves are located for quick attention if you experience bursting pipes due to freezing temperatures. Anticipate ahead in this cold weather by protecting vulnerable piping now!

Give your potted plants some extra love in the dry winter months by introducing additional humidity to their air. Consider a humidifier or misting occasionally with plain water – particularly soothing for thirsty citrus trees and ferns!

Once the holidays are over, put away your decorations with care for next year. To keep delicate ornaments safe and string lights from becoming tangled, wrap them in tissue paper and cardboard, respectively. Consider donating the lesser used items- if something is broken beyond repair, then be sure to discard it accordingly, too! And don’t forget about cheerful holiday lighting! Keeping those winter twinkle lights well into January can bring a little comfort during these cold months!


Lastly, consider any home projects you want to plan for the year. Use the first month of 2023 to get your plans, ideas, and ducks in a row.