Dining at Beloved Local Restaurants | L.A. Eats

Welcome to our journey through the most iconic and beloved dining spots in the City of Angels! Los Angeles has a rich culinary history that spans over a century, with some restaurants standing the test of time and becoming landmarks in their own right. In this week’s blog, we’re dishing some of the most cherished eateries in LA, each with its own unique stories, flavors, and atmospheres.

Philippe The Original

Established in 1908, Philippe The Original is a must-visit destination for lovers of French Dip sandwiches. This historic eatery claims to have invented the sandwich, and their tender, juicy meats with perfectly baked bread and house-made dipping sauce are sure to make your taste buds dance.

The Original Pantry Cafe

Serving up hearty American comfort food since 1924, The Original Pantry Cafe is a classic downtown diner that never closes. With generous portions, an old-fashioned atmosphere, and a storied history, it’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Canter’s Deli

Canter’s Deli has been an LA staple since 1931, offering a taste of authentic Jewish deli cuisine. Open 24/7, Canter’s is the perfect spot for a late-night pastrami sandwich, matzo ball soup, or a slice of their delicious rugelach.

Musso & Frank Grill

Step back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood at Musso & Frank Grill, which opened in 1919. This legendary restaurant has attracted movie stars, writers, and other famous figures over the years. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy their famous martinis and classic dishes like the steak Diane.

El Cholo


For a taste of Mexican-American culinary history, head to El Cholo. Since 1923, this family-owned establishment has been serving up delicious, authentic dishes like their famous green corn tamales and carne asada.

The Apple Pan


Established in 1947, The Apple Pan is an iconic burger joint that offers mouthwatering burgers and their renowned banana cream pie. This cozy, counter-only restaurant has a nostalgic charm that will make you feel right at home.

Langer’s Deli


Home to the world-famous #19 pastrami sandwich, Langer’s Deli has been a fixture in the LA food scene since 1947. Their hand-sliced pastrami, freshly baked rye bread, and Russian dressing make for an unforgettable meal.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib

For a fine dining experience, visit Lawry’s The Prime Rib, which has been serving perfectly cooked prime rib and all the traditional accompaniments since 1938. With its elegant atmosphere and exceptional service, Lawry’s is perfect for special occasions.

Brent’s Deli 

In Northridge, Brent’s Deli is a beloved local favorite. Operating for over 55 years, Brent’s is a popular Jewish deli known for its pastrami sandwiches, large breakfast plates, and blintzes. Located in the San Fernando Valley, it attracts both locals and out-of-towners with its assortment of soups, triple-decker sandwiches, and comforting dishes such as stuffed cabbage rolls, kishka, and steaming potato knishes.

The Tower Bar

Make your way to the Sunset Strip for this iconic and legendary establishment. The Tower Bar has served as the epicenter of countless Hollywood negotiations and discreet conversations over the years. Owned by Jeff Klein, this esteemed hotel bar is a favorite among socially ambitious Angelenos. Far from being a drawback, its status as an industry haunt attracts a new generation of Old Hollywood enthusiasts. The Tower Bar offers a fantastic people-watching experience and plenty of enjoyment in its dimly lit corners.

These beloved Los Angeles eateries have managed to stand the test of time. Likewise, they continue to charm patrons with their unique flavors and atmospheres. Whether you’re a lifelong Angeleno or just visiting the city, be sure to experience the culinary history and magic that these classic restaurants have to offer.