What Your Bedroom Paint Says About You | Home Tips

Nothing speaks more profoundly of your personality than the paint colors that you choose for your home. Likewise, the color scheme you choose for your personal haven, i.e. your bedroom, says volumes about who you really are.

A Colorful Personality

Architects have long known that paint colors can affect your mood. For example, orange and yellow tones will make you feel hungry, making them a good choice for dining areas. On the other hand, blue invokes feelings of calmness like still water. This is partially why, when choosing a bedroom paint color, you must think of the mood you are looking to create.

What to Consider in Choosing a Bedroom Paint Color…

Keep in mind that you want your personal space to be soothing and relaxing, a place that allows you to take a comfortable break from your day-to-day activities and not an area that will make you feel desperately hungry, no matter how much you like the combination of orange and yellow paint colors. So, let’s take a look at bedroom paint colors that stand out and will help you make the statement you want.

Green as Bedroom Paint Color

    • With a very wide range of green shades available today, green will always be one of the most relaxing bedroom paint colors on the market. It is reminiscent of nature and the tranquility it inspires. But, as with anything, it’s best to stay away from the brighter shades, unless you really love pistachio, in order to achieve a sense of calm elegance in your personal oasis. On the darker part of the scale, a toned-down olive color can blend well with very light gray accents and white ceilings, which will not only provide a restful and comfortable environment but also one that embellishes the elegance of your character.
Browns as a Bedroom Paint Color

    • Earthen tones, when used as main bedroom colors in combination with creamy neutrals, can lend a sense of well-being and warmth to any area. Keep in mind that these colors can make your bedroom seem less luminous so make sure your ceilings are done in lighter paint colors, preferably cream color or off-white.
Lilacs as a Bedroom Paint Color

    • Washed lilac tones can add a touch of luminous relaxation to your bedroom paint. When used in combination with light green accents and pale grey, you will wake up every morning to a refreshing sensation filled with light and fresh air.
Neutrals as a Bedroom Paint Color  

    • These classic colors never seem to go out of style and go well with almost any type of bright accent, giving you a sense of restfulness when you need it the most.
Blues as a Bedroom Paint Color

    • Just as with the green palette, blues are a way to add a touch of nature to your personal space, except in this case, instead of getting the sensation of relaxing in the midst of a silent forest, you will create the feeling of being in a breezy ocean paradise. Blues are available in a myriad of tones, so choose the one you like best and let your imagination fly as you combine it with almost any other color you like, although your best effect will certainly be achieved with gray, white, cream, or pale violet accents.

Choosing bedroom paint colors doesn’t have to follow any fixed set of rules. It is your personal paradise and, as such, it should reflect your tastes and style. The only thing you should make sure of when you are looking for a new bedroom paint scheme is that you fall in love with it.