Rodeo Realty’s President Syd Leibovitch featured on Luxury Real Estate website

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Rodeo Realty’s President Syd Leibovitch is being featured on the premiere luxury homes search site, The site is known for providing access to fine international estates and property listings.

Leibovitch is a featured professional on the main page of the site. The recognized website lists his certificates and also gives a description about him.

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“He is a popular expert witness and reliable source consulted by the media for his expertise as a qualified leader in the real estate and mortgage industries,” said the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate brand.

The site also featured four other professionals alongside Leibovitch.

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Syd Leibovitch Named To The Los Angeles Business Journal's Who's Who List

Syd Leibovitch_CalabasasSyd Leibovitch, president and founder of Rodeo Realty was honored as one of the leaders in Los Angeles Residential Real Estate by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Their annual special report, “Who’s Who in Los Angeles Business” was published earlier this month. The report lists the executives in the biggest and most important companies and organizations across a variety of industries from aerospace/defense to software.

Syd studied economics and banking, and began selling real estate at age 23 while an NCAA track star at UCLA. He was a top selling Realtor in the area by the time he was 25 and opened his company that same year in 1986. He hasn’t looked back since and today devotes his time and energy into growing his company into a regional powerhouse.

Today, Syd has built Rodeo Realty, Inc. into the largest single-owner real estate firm in California and one of the largest in the country. The company now has twelve offices throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties and more than 1,000 licensed Realtors. Syd also owns established mortgage and escrow companies and is regularly interviewed on topics relating to the mortgage meltdown, home sales and prices. He is a popular expert witness and a reliable source consulted by the media for his expertise as a qualified leader in the real estate and mortgage industries.


Syd Leibovitch Named As One Of The Most Influential People In Real Estate

Syd Leibovitch_CalabasasRodeo Realty founder and president Syd Leibovitch was recently named to the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200). This new list is designed to be the most comprehensive list of influential CEOs, thought leaders and executives ever assembled in the residential real estate brokerage business. Trends analyst and New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of over 25 books, Stefan Swanepoel compiled the list through a meticulous analysis that gathers up the leaders of the industry including franchise executives, real estate brokers, speakers, authors, educators, economists, technologists, media executives and social media networkers. Syd was named to the list for his role in leading Rodeo Realty to greatness as one of the top independent brokerages in the nation.

According to Rob Hahn, co-editor of the Swanepoel Power 200, rankings are based on multiple criteria that take into account the individual’s personal influence, his/her tenure in the industry, the office he or she holds, the decision-making power of said office, the financial resources of the company or organization, the company or organization’s significance and contribution to the industry, the company’s geographic reach, and his or her recent activities, growth, and potential.

Syd Leibovitch on Top Agent Magazine April Cover!

Syd’s words:
“I guess I’m good at driving people around and showing them homes,” he says. “I think everyone would rather own a home than rent a home, and everyone who owns a home would rather own a better home. Anyone who has money to invest would like to invest in real estate, so it’s really not very difficult.”

“I think one of the reasons for our success over the last 5 or 6 years has been that we aren’t doing what other companies are doing,” Leibovitch says. “Everyone has been crying the blues about the economy and taking things away from their agents. They panicked, and their agents ended up thinking it was worse than it really was. We, on the other hand, were showing our agents what a tremendous opportunity this was to make money.”

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Attorney's General Settlement with Mortgage Servicers

Mortgage settlement: How the negotiations unfolded

Yesterday’s settlement with 5 major loan servicers Bank of America, Wells, Chase, Citi, and Ally (GMAC) will provide 26 Billion in mortgage relief.

There is  5 billion to paid directly to states and the federal government split proportionally to their number of foreclosures. Some of which will be used to pay back expenses caused by foreclosures.  

 The breakdown of how the remaining money will be distributed are as follows:

1. 1.5 billion to approximately 750,000  homeowners that have already been foreclosed on where proper documentation and procedures were not followed. These people can receive up to $2.000.

2. 17 billion  To modify loans for people that are in foreclosure of which 60 percent must be used to write down loan amounts on people who owe more than their home is worth. These write downs will average $20,000.

3.  3 Billion    For non FNMA, FMAC ( which is covered by the HARP 2 program) there will be money set aside to refinance owners current on their mortgage that owe more than the home is worth.

How will people know they are qualified to get paid, modified or refinanced?

For now they say the servicers will notify those qualified. This happened in the CountryWide settlement in 2008. We did see cases in which CountryWide modified clients that really had no need for modification with ARM’s with lots of equity modified to fixed rates to meet their number of loan mods required under that settlement. Those clients were contacted by CountryWide.

My opinion is that while 26 Billion sounds like a lot of money I would break it down as follows: 

1. Some, a small percentage of people that lost their home to foreclosure will be contacted and paid up to $2,000.

2. Some people, a small fraction of people in foreclosure will be offered a reduction in loan principle  of up to $20,000.  There will probably be terms that if they default the loan amount will go back up. Traditionally most loan modifications end up back in foreclosure so this 17 billion will probably cost next to nothing. I don’t see a $20,000 reduction stopping many people from losing their home, especially since many are way behind on their payments as well.  This 17 billion has already been lost by the banks so its really not an expense due to this settlement!

3. 3 billion to refinance people that are current and owe more on their homes than they are worth is really a small fraction a percent of people under water.  Its unfortunate that so little help has been given to people that have been responsible, made their payments and just can’t take advantage of lower rates due to lack of equity. I guess that lenders thing that if they were going to stop paying they would have already stopped paying so why lose money by lowering their rate!

In my view this is largely political in which lawmakers can claim a victory over evil wall street to save main street. It won’t cost the banks anywhere near 26 billion. Its real cost is probably 9 billion to banks. It will free up banks to foreclose more quickly with less litigation which will be good for inventory levels which are really to
o low in our area for the demand. Obviously, some of your clients will wait a little while hoping to get notified. It will be like waiting for the Publisher’s Clearing House to notify them that they won. It won’t be long before its obvious that help is not on the way!

Syd Leibovitch's 2012 Housing Predictions

 Housing Price Forecast for 2012
      from Rodeo Realty President, Syd Leibovitch

I feel that 2012 represents the best year ever to buy a home. Prices are down and interest rates are at historic lows!

I predict that 2012 will be the year we begin to see year over year increases in the median price on both a local and a National level. I’d forecast a modest 5 percent increase in median home prices.

Interest rate forecast:

The reason that this year will present a unique opportunity is more interest rate related than price. Rates at 4 percent won’t be available for long. I would forecast mid 5’s by year end. While mid 5’s are great historic rates its a 25 percent increase from 4 percent. Most buyers look at their monthly payment as a big factor so remember even if homes stayed the same the payment would rise significantly as rates rise.
My basis for these forecasts stem from an increase in consumer confidence. Nearly every survey and gage of consumer confidence nationally suggests that we are headed for better times. Corporate profits are up and things are looking generally better. We have seen a rebound on the desire of buyers to buy. There is always people that think prices are so high they can’t go higher. I’ve heard that for 30 years yet they, over time continue to rise. The percentage of people that think its a good time to buy and those thinking its a bad time fluctuates. in 2005 it seemed like just about everyone thought it was a good time to buy. In 2008 it seemed like just about everyone thought it was a bad time to buy. Over the last year I’ve seen a building sense of optimism and more serious buyers.

When it comes to home buyers here is how I’d break it down:
First time buyers. With prices down 30 percent from their highs and rates down a 600,000 loan has a 1100 per month lower payment than it would have had in 2006. A 1,000,000 home in 2006 would now be 700,000. So basically a buyer could buy a home that was 1,000,000 for 700,000 and pay 2500 less a month had they bought that same home 5 years ago! FHA financing also allows buyers to buy a home with a 3 1/2 percent down payment. In many cases for not much more than first month rent and a 2 month security, and with today’s low interest rates the payment is usually similar to the rent! There has never been a better time to buy.
Investors. If you consider how many of the wealthiest people made their fortune in Real Estate it only makes sense to be a long term Real Estate investor. With prices about 30 percent off their highs and low interest rates there has never been a better time to invest.
Move up buyers. Once I went to get my car serviced. The leasing salesperson met me when I picked up the car. He told me he could get me out of my current lease and lease me the new, better, current model with the same payment. He said “all you need to do is switch keys”. I did it! With lower interest rates and lower prices we have people that can buy homes they could have never afforded before. Consider the above scenario with the 1,000.000 home now being 700,000. We have had clients that wouldn’t have been able to afford the million dollar home in 2006. It was their dream home but they could only afford 700,000. Now that million dollar home is 700,000 and the lower interest rates makes the payment $1100 per month less than the 700,000 home they bought 6 years ago. Sure they have to take a loss on that home, but save on the new purchase. At the end of the day many people have found that they can sell their home and buy a better one for about the same monthly payment!

Rent your home and buy a new one:
This is what I just did and I’m encouraging all my friends to do the same. The goal should be buy low sell high! If you could afford to buy a new home and rent your current home I don’t think you will ever be sorry. Your home will undoubted be worth more down the line, but when its worth more so will the one you would be buying. Ever thought about being a Real Estate investor. Why not start now with a property you know?

CBS News Interviews Rodeo Realty Agent

Terre Steinbeck
CBS News interviewed Terre Steinbeck of Rodeo Realty’s Beverly Hills office today for a national news story about the housing market. The interview took place at one of Steinbeck’s Los Angeles area listings that recently went into escrow.
The spot is scheduled to air tonight at 6:30 p.m.
Lee Cowan conducted the interview. He contributes to CBS News broadcasts and is a substitute anchor for “CBS Sunday Morning,” according to Immediately prior to working with CBS, he was a correspondent for NBC News, contributing to various shows such as “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” “Today,” and MSNBC broadcasts.

Rodeo Realty Managers and Agent Praised by REALTOR® Associations

Paul Stafford

In keeping with Rodeo Realty’s commitment to excellence in the real estate industry, Paul Stafford, manager of the Calabasas office, Diane Sydell, associate manager of the Studio City office, and Liliana Alfonso, an agent at the Studio City office, were recently given accolades for their work with local REALTOR® associations.

Stafford was recognized as an “Outstanding Committee Member” for his work on the Professional Standards Committee of the Southland Regional Association of REALTORS® (SRAR).The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) also asked Stafford to be one of a handful of ombudsmen to help resolve real estate disputes statewide.

Diane Sydell

SRAR has more than 12,500 members and is one of the largest local REALTOR® associations in the country. C.A.R. is a statewide trade association dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate.

Sydell  was recognized as an “Outstanding Committee Member” for her work on SRAR’s Grievance Committee. She will be vice chair of the committee for 2012, and has been chair of the Grievance Advertising Committee for three years.The committee’s work revolves around fielding complaints against local agents and real estate companies, and determining the best course of action to resolve the issue(s).

Liliana Alfonso

Liliana Alfonso was recognized as an “Outstanding Committee Member” for her work with SRAR’s Housing Committee. She has served on the committee for two years, will serve again in 2012, and is chair of the Equal Opportunity and Cultural Diversity Committee. The Housing Committee hosts seminars throughout the year targeting first time homebuyers, foreclosure prevention, and energy efficiency. Members also organize a number of fundraising efforts. 

Rodeo Realty 2011 Holiday Party Photos

On Saturday December 17, 2011, the annual holiday party for Rodeo Realty, L.A. Mortgage and Encore Escrow took place at the Universal Sheraton in Universal City, California. More than 700 guests attended the event, which included dinner, drinks and a LOT of dancing. Thank you to everybody who hosted, organized, worked at, and attended the party! Here are some photos from the festivities.

A Year of Expansion and Record Production for Rodeo Realty

As we enter the last couple weeks of the year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect about 2011 and all that we have accomplished at Rodeo Realty. It’s safe to say it was a big year for the company. We opened four new offices, welcomed a host of new agents, and logged one of the best years in the company’s history in terms of production.

The year started with the opening of the Sunset Strip office at 9200 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. Westside real estate veteran Fred Henry is managing the office, and has brought on a very talented group of agents.

Sunset Strip Office

At the beginning of June, we opened the new Beverly Hills office at 202 N. Canon Drive in the 90210. John Gould is heading up the office and is working with a great crew of new agents and agents from the old Beverly Hills location. A month later, we hosted a grand opening and wine tasting for the new Calabasas office at 23901 Calabasas Road #1050. Paul Stafford manages the office and continues to hire the best agents in the area.

Beverly Hills Office

Calabasas Office

Rodeo then moved the corporate headquarters from Bel Air to 266 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills -the site of the old Beverly Hills office.  Rodeo Realty’s listings, listings sold, sales, sales volume, and income per agent this year were some of the best in the company’s history, said owner and president Syd Leibovitch.

Desiree Zuckerman
“2011 has been a very good buyer’s year, with interest rates and home prices being so low,” said Desiree Zuckerman of the Calabasas office. “These two factors encouraged anyone who was on the fence to jump off of the fence.
Homes that were reasonably priced sold, adds Zuckerman. People looking to up-size may have sold their old property at a lower price, but they were also able to buy low.
Rodeo Realty’s extensive newspaper advertising in the Los Angeles Times and other publications is a big advantage, said Zuckerman.
“Especially in the West Valley, it feels like 75 percent of the For Sale signs have Rodeo Realty’s name on them,” she said. “We have a huge presence here and the name is becoming more and more prestigious.”
Sunny Yi
The past year was even better than 2010 for Sunny Yi of the Northridge and Beverly Hills offices.
“The volume of sales was down, but I ended up working with a lot of move up clients who bought homes in the million dollar and up range,” said Yi, adding a lot of that business came from contacting old clients and taking them out to dinner.
Rodeo Realty’s graphic design, print and mail departments are a hug
e help.
“I couldn’t do it without the help of graphic designer Tim Egan and print shop manager Deborah Runions,” said Yi. “I work with them a lot, and they are amazing!”
Melissa Zee
Melissa Zee of the Sunset Strip office closed more deals in 2011 than she expected.
“I think the market has picked up quite a bit on the Westside, and there are a lot of investors and all cash buyers out there,” said Zee.
Office manager Fred Henry, and Syd Leibovitch always provide plenty of support, she added, and the new Sunset Strip office is in a great location.
“The Sunset Strip office has a great vibe.”
Congratulations to everybody!