Rodeo Realty's Sunset agent Kristin Morley talks about her investment in online leads

Rodeo Realty’s Sunset agent Kristin Morley is featured on and RISMedia for her investment in online leads.

“Kristin recently turned a $10,000 spend in online leads into $9 million in sales,” said

Kristin sat down with RISMedia to share her story.

“While I devoted a bit more of my time this past year to other areas of interest, these numbers are consistent with what I earn during a normal year,” said Kristin. “That being said, I typically close anywhere between 8 and 10 leads in any given year.® is my preferred lead source. I have worked with various lead sources in the past, but the fact that is affiliated with our MLS is one reason why it makes sense to be a part of them. And I absolutely love the service.”

In the Q&A, Kristin mentions some of the biggest deals she’s closed recently via leads have come from international buyers.

“I’ve found a niche in the international market by way of past clients referring me to others, “ said Kristin.

For those wanting to begin investing in leads, Kristin had this to say:

“The days of people coming into an open house to find an agent don’t exist anymore. By the time someone comes to your open house, they have researched the area, they know what the solds are, and 90 percent of them already have an agent. You need to be looking for buyers online, otherwise, you’re missing the boat.”

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