Home Tips: Preparing for Rain

Heavy rain this summer? Of course not, but the best time to prepare is before heavy rain floods you out!

The best time to get ready for rain is when it’s not raining. The following tips can help you be prepared for winter.


It’s easier to get a roofer when they are not needed. Don’t wait until it’s raining to try to get a roofer out. They will be  overloaded with emergencies. Take care of those roof repairs and replacements you have put off, or just get a roofer out for a tune up now.


Did you know that clogged gutters can cause water to pool and will lead to roof leaks or other water intrusion issues? Get your rain gutters cleaned and inspected. You also may want to consider screening on top if you have trees that clog them up.


Area drains are there for a reason! Clogged area drains can lead to a flood in your home. Have your area drains cleared to make sure water flows freely out to the street. Consider getting them hydro jetted rather than just snakes out. Hydro jetting is more likely to  clear the whole drain pipe, while snaking may just put a hole through a clog which may clog again.