Open House Guidance

The Department of Public Health update states: “In-person showings of properties, like open houses, are permitted and must follow the indoor gatherings capacity limits in the CDPH gatherings guidance.”

What does that mean?

All counties

1. Face masks are required while inside the house. Today’s CDC face mask changes for vaccinated people does not apply and does not change the requirement of face masks at all times while at the open house

2. All visitors must maintain at least six feet of social distance with the exception of people living together in the same household while inside the home.

3.  As of this moment a PEAD V is still required. This could change any day. Perhaps you can send it to them before they enter for e-signature. You may also have copies and two cups one for clean pens and another for used pens. They should be given a copy. We are trying to get you a QR code and a way to do this on the phone tomorrow as well. We have it and I’m testing it. It’s proving a little complicated for the user.

4. As of now you are still required to clean and sanitize. We expect a change to this very soon. Either way, you are required to have hand sanitizer at the entry and around the house.

5. No refreshments should be served or consumed inside the home, as that would require removing the mask. You may serve outside, but everything should be individually wrapped servings. No self-serve.

6. You may use brochures.

7. The number of people permitted to be inside the home at any time is defined as a percentage of the maximum occupancy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know what the maximum occupancy is. There is precedence for us to adopt a formula tied to house size. The formula is two people per bedroom and one person for each additional room.

So if it’s four bedrooms plus a living room, family room, dining room, two baths, and kitchen the maximum occupancy would be 14. Four bedrooms x 2 = 8 +  1 living room + 1 family room + 1 dining room + 1 kitchen + 2 bathrooms = 14

Currently, Los Angeles County is in the Yellow Tier. Yellow tier permits 59% of maximum occupancy not to exceed 50 people for an indoor gathering. So with the above home 14 x 50% would be up to 7 people in the home at a time.

Orange County and Ventura County are in the orange tier. That calls for  25% of maximum occupancy not to exceed 25 people. So with the above explanation 14 x 25% would be 4 at a time. This may be a hard number to do. We expect these counties to move to yellow soon.

( I feel it’s ok to round up to the next person)

This calculation may change as we all digest how to calculate the maximum.