8 Shrubs That Thrive in Low Light Areas

8 Shrubs That Thrive in Low Light Areas

If you want to add some nature to the interior of your home, we have the perfect plants for you. Having shrubs within your home helps with airflow and serves as a great decor choice. We’re sharing 8 shrubs that can thrive in low light areas so you can be the best possible plant parent.

Creeping Fig

Contrary to the name, there’s nothing creepy about this plant. Aside from the necessary pun, the creeping fig, a member of the ficus family, loves low light. The fig plant is native to the tropics doesn’t mind a bit of humidity if you happen to live by the beach. 


ZZ Plant

We’re not catching ZZ’s on this plant because it is thriving and adorable. We love the ZZ plant ZZ plant as one of the most tolerant shrubs for low light areas. According to botanic designer Jarema Osofsky, the plant could potentially survive with no light at all. But we’d spare this plant from any dark corners of your home. 



This plant stunner comes in green, yellow, variegated, and white varieties. The dieffenbachia will brighten any space while purifying your air. Talk about a goal-getter. For low-light shrubs, you can also basically put this plant anywhere. This plant can grow equally well in low light, medium light, and direct light. Wow, triple threat!


Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Snake plants are a popular choice for starter plant parents. This plant not only survives with low light, but it’s also very drought-tolerant. So if by chance you forget to water your plant—which you shouldn’t—but if you do, it will be fine. The Snake plant gets its name thanks to the wavy, striped patterns on its leaves that are, as you guessed, similar to a snake.



The name alone stands out, and it’s easy to see why. Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant–the Monstera grows wild in Panama. While the plant may seem abnormal, it is for the best reason. Monstera’s leaves are perforated so they can grow up to two feet wide in a jungle environment. Obviously, your home is not a jungle, so you won’t have to worry about oversized growth.


Lucky Bamboo

You can never go wrong with Bamboo in your home. A low-maintenance plant, lucky bamboo has been used within feng shui to attract wealth, health, and abundance.


English Ivy

When it comes to thriving shrubs, English ivy does suberbly in low light. Another bonus? The air-purifying plant can filter toxins and mold out of the air.


Red Anthurium

We couldn’t end the list without throwing in a bit of color. The Anthurium plants flower throughout the entire year. Each bloom can last around six weeks. The flowers can come in shades of pink, white, or red. To help this plant do its best, it’s recommended to water it one to two times per week. The plant’s waxy leaves can also build up dust, so be sure to use a damp cloth to help your Anthurium shine.