Home Tips: Wall Panel Ideas to Add Character to Your Home

If you’re playing with the idea of placing your property on the market, you may also be wondering how you can make your home more appealing. Luckily, multiple wall panel ideas can help.

Not only can you use wall panels as focal points in a room, but you can also cost-effectively install them. By doing so, you will enhance the visual appeal of your home and improve its value.

Beadboard Wall panels

When you use wall panels, it is good to cover only one wall or part of a wall in the room. This approach provides extra character without being visually overwhelming. In addition, beaded boards are one way to add interest to a room.

Beaded boards are narrow wood strips with a thin ridge on each vertical side, known as the bead. You can even use this product to wainscot a room, which is the traditional covering about two feet of the wall from the bottom upwards.

Reclaimed wood wall paneling

Reclaimed wood is an attractive option to upscale the texture in a room. The character of the wood, such as the knots, lines, and scuff marks, all increase the wood texture. This varied texture makes reclaimed wood paneling ideal for horizontal ship lapping in awkward areas, using different panel widths.

Raised Trim Wall Panel

Consider using trim with beveling to raise interior design appeal. The panel can either be in large or small squares or another shape. Paneling also comes with diverse trimming options, providing you with various shapes and styles.

Paint the trim work the same color as the other walls or in a subtle or contrasting color. Adding trim work creates a modern look that improves your home’s value.

Board and Batten Wall Panel

Wood contains a warmth that you can use to your advantage in the home. For example, creating horizontal, vertical, or other paneling patterns on one bedroom wall draws attention.

In essence, the board and batten style of placing larger wood strips over flat boards is a contemporary interior decorating technique that works. It augments the eye-catching appeal in a room, increasing the comfort and pleasure of spending time in that space.

Contrasting beadboard Wall Panels

Small spaces like bathrooms can benefit from beaded-board panels. Use this wall panel idea to wainscot your bathroom. The combination of cold ceramic tiles on the top half of the wall and warm beaded board in a different color on the bottom half creates a stunning contrast which helps lift the room.

Also, think about the style and pattern of the beaded boards when using this wall panel idea. A narrower beaded board is also typically more suitable for small spaces like bathrooms, for example.

Wood and mirrors

Instead of using wood panels in isolation and their natural form, why not switch up the creativity. As a wall panel idea, mixing mirrors with dividing panels is simple. Divide a wall with painted wooden boards that have mirror inserts in each gap. This wall panel idea provides the illusion of space, reflects the interior décor in the area, and ensures a room-lift that sells homes quickly.