The 5 Landscaping Ideas We Love Right Now | Home Tips

Whether you are a buyer or seller, stunning landscaping can really enhance the appearance of your home. Beautiful grounds can also increase your enjoyment of your home. These five fresh landscaping ideas are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

Classy Courtyard Landscaping

Yards of any size can look especially handsome with an elegant courtyard. Likewise, there’s no need to completely forego greenery if you include attractive trees and stylish planters. Planted borders and vibrant flower beds can also add plenty of foliage and blossoms. You can also enhance visual appeal with ornate paving tiles as accents.  In addition for a more complete courtyard, consider sophisticated statues or soothing water features. 

Edible Garden Landscaping

Rather than huge lawns that typically require lots of maintenance, how about swapping your space to plant an edible garden? Many fruits and vegetables only need the same conditions as grass to grow well: sunlight and drained soil. Vegetable and fruit plants can look neat and add interesting bursts of color to a garden. There’s also the added benefit of having fresh homegrown produce at your fingertips. Growing edible plants can be a great hobby for anyone with green fingers, potentially offering more satisfaction than tending to blooms. Fruits and vegetables that grow particularly well in Southern California include carrots, tomatoes, corn, peppers, avocadoes, radishes, lettuces, beans, cucumbers, and eggplants. For a smaller setup, fill planters with herbs and edible flowers like nasturtiums, chamomile, and calendula.

Entertainment Spaces

More and more people are expanding into outdoor living and entertaining as opposed to always remaining indoors. The days of a sole picnic bench in the garden or perching on a low wall for an alfresco drink are coming to an end. Instead, many homeowners are thinking of ways through landscaping to really make the fullest use of their yards. From beautiful decks kitted out with comfortable outdoor lounge and patio furnishings to full outdoor kitchens with features like barbecues and pizza ovens, people are spending more time outdoors. You might consider elements like pools, Jacuzzis, built-in bars, fire pits, canopies, and gazebos too. Plan for plenty of shaded areas and adequate lighting to really make the most of outdoor living trends.

Wild World

A growing number of homeowners are opting to switch large labor-intensive lawns and formal flower beds for a garden that’s more in line with nature. The trend is commonly referred to as rewilding. Requiring less upkeep, natural gardens can still look — and smell — amazing. They don’t just provide a peaceful sanctuary for people either; gardens filled with an array of flora tend to attract lots of local fauna too. If you love sitting quietly among birds, butterflies, and bees, nature-inspired landscaping could be perfect. Think of things like pebble pathways meandering through free-standing trees and flowers that are allowed to take root anywhere, small reed-surrounded ponds, rustic log piles, boulders, and secluded benches that are perfect for reading, painting, and reflective moments. 

Sensory Stimulation Landscaping

Thinking of ways to invoke the five senses remains a popular trend when considering landscaping ideas. Sensory gardens are especially popular in families with young children. Likewise, people of all ages can benefit from the calming nature of gardens that arouse the senses. Use diverse colors, shapes, and sizes for visual appeal, including plants, pots, and landscape accessories. Aromatic plants and incense burners are perfect for stimulating smell, while varying textures, like wood, slate, bricks, pebbles, sand, and water are ideal to meet the touch criteria. From vegetable patches or fruit trees to herb boxes, edible plants appeal to the sense of taste. For the sound requirement, water features create a soothing background to the chattering of birds and whirring of insects.