The Best August Garden Plants to Add this Summer! | Home Tips

August is usually one of the quieter months for planting. With autumn closing in, many think it’s best to wait until the return of spring to begin planting again. But nothing is further from the truth, and August is still a great time for gardening if you want to look forward to colorful blooms and delicious crops for the colder months. Read on to find out what are the best August garden plants for August in California.

August Garden Vegatables

1. Carrots

When it comes to August garden plants, carrots keep your kitchen well stocked. Keep in mind you should plant carrots in areas that get a lot of sunshine, and don’t forget to add manure to the soil before you plant the seeds. This will ensure your carrots are in optimal condition for winter harvesting.

2. Cabbage

Nothing is tastier than a tender head of spring cabbage. Planting these delicious veggies in August will ensure you start harvesting soon after the new year. Don’t forget you must provide ample space for your cabbages to grow, so allow about 19 inches of spacing around each head. Additionally, make sure your seeds are well protected and don’t dry out during the growing season. Keep in mind you should provide the plants with a mesh covering to keep them protected from insects and other pests that might be looking for a yummy morsel to feed on during the winter months.

August Garden Flowers

3. Hydrangeas

If you are looking for a colorful autumn garden, hydrangeas are a great option for August garden planting. These beautiful blooms, with their large flowerheads, are great for flower beds and are available in different shades of pink, blue, white, and more. Don’t forget to plant hydrangea seeds with enough mulch or compost and add enough water to keep the soil moist.

4. Honeywort

With delicately colorful hanging bells, honeywort will add a fantastic touch of color to your fall garden if planted in the early days of the month of August. This amazing annual foliage plant grows beautifully when planted in the direct soil after soaking the seeds for 12 hours. It can be planted both in your garden and in individual pots. Honeywort flowers are great for attracting bees and hummingbirds well into the autumn months, which makes them a great addition to your garden at any time.

5. Polyanthus

Great for creating colorful borders to your garden, polyanthus flowers also add some much-needed color each autumn. One of its great benefits is that once you plant them, they will continue to grow back year after year. Remember to provide some shade as they grow because they don’t do well in the direct California sunlight.