8 Ways to Declutter for the New Year | Home Tips

Starting a new year is often a time for looking back, thinking forward, and deciding what to take with you, literally and metaphorically, into the next 12 months. Declutter your home for a fresh start to the new year with these eight tips.

1. Photograph Each Space

Taking photographs of all of your rooms and inside your cupboards help you to stay on track if your motivation starts to dip. You can look back at the photos and see how much you’ve achieved since you started decluttering your home.

2. Sort Your Clothes

Put all of your clothes in a big pile so that you can see exactly what you own. You can easily imagine what items go together and you can try on any garments you think may no longer fit. Unless they are for specific occasions, any items you haven’t work over the last year can probably go. There’s also no point keeping anything that doesn’t fit and anything that you don’t like. Be honest with yourself and you’ll cut down the amount of clutter in your wardrobe. Go through the same process with your shoes, bags, and accessories. You can donate your unwanted items to charity for a feel-good boost.

3. Empty Your Pantry

It’s surprising how much-unused food can gather at the back of a cupboard. Check each item in your pantry and discard anything that you know you won’t use or that is past its use-by date. Do the same with your refrigerator and freezer.

4. Declutter by Throwing Away Papers

Many people keep a file, drawer, or cupboard of old papers that are essentially useless today. With most paperwork available online, there isn’t much sense in keeping bank statements, expired warranties, receipts, and similar.

5. Get Rid of Broken Items to Declutter

Lots of people are guilty of hanging onto things that no longer work or are damaged. Whether you just didn’t get around to throwing something away yet, or whether you’re saving it in the hope you’ll one day get around to repairing it, get rid of it. If an item has been useless for some period of time, you probably don’t need it in your life.

6. Keep Family Away While You Declutter

It’s easy to become distracted by people when trying to declutter. Plus, your family may be shocked at how much you are getting rid of and put doubts in your mind. Do your new year decluttering on your own.

7. Save Sentimental Items Until Last

Looking through sentimental items can quickly turn into an afternoon of nostalgia. Before you know it, you’ve run out of precious decluttering time. Leave sentimental items, such as old letters, photographs, gifts, and childhood toys, until last to sort through.

8. Hire an Expert

If your new year declutter isn’t going as smoothly as you hoped, or you’re finding it hard to actually part with anything, you could consider seeking the help of a professional. While they definitely won’t make you get rid of anything that you really don’t want to, they will help you gain a fresh perspective, highlight areas that can be improved, and keep you focused on the end goal.