Tips for Organizing Drawers in Your Home | Home Tips

Are you thinking about organizing drawers in your home? A lot of homeowners neglect messy drawers because they are out of sight. However, disorganization can cause several problems. For instance, if your drawers are poorly organized, the risk of misplacing your everyday items will increase, meaning that you might have to waste a significant amount of your time looking for missing items. Besides, disorganized drawers will make it more and more difficult for you to fit in all your items, meaning that you might be forced to keep some of your items where they shouldn’t be. Below are some tips you can count on to keep your drawers organized.

Start with Empty Drawers

If you want to get more organized, you need to start with a blank slate. In other words, you need to empty all the drawers. This will allow you to know what you have and need to organize. Furthermore, emptying the drawers will enable you to dust your drawers and keep them ready to keep items that need to be placed in a clean area.

Get Rid of the Items You Don’t Need

Once you have emptied your drawers, you need to start identifying the items you do not need. You can decide to donate some of them, sell others, and throw away the rest. Removing the clutter will go a long way in making it easier for you to organize the items that mean the most to you.

Group Your Items

Once you have removed the clutter, you should then group your items. For instance, if you are organizing clothes, you could categorize them as T-shirts, pants, undergarments, and so on. Within the categories, you can then group your items further according to their colors. The number of categories you create should be based on the number of drawers you have.

Make Use of Your Drawer Organizers

If you have to store more than one category of items in a single drawer, then you should make use of drawer organizers to separate various categories of items. This is particularly important for items that can get easily entangled, such as socks. Drawer separators will make it easier for you to access the items you need at a particular time without interfering with the organization of other items.

Differentiate Your Drawers

If it is hard for you to remember the items you have stored in all your drawers, then you should consider creative labeling. For instance, you can decide to color-code them with paint or different colors of knobs. You can also label each drawer using stickers and stencils. This will make it easier for you and your children to easily locate the items you need to use at any particular time.