Out and About: LA’s Best Scenic Drives

 In this traffic consumed metropolis, one redeeming factor about having a car is the plethora of beautiful scenic drives, you can take in almost any direction to escape the frustrations of Los Angeles. There’s much to enjoy from the majestic coastlines to the awe-inspiring mountain ranges. So take some time this Earth day to appreciate the many scenic routes that meander through this wonderful state of ours. Below are some suggested ways you can take.

Palos Verdes Drive

A unique coastal experience, along the Palos Verdes Peninsula with beautiful cliffs, sandy beaches and tide-pools. The route is short but also easier to enjoy because it’s at a slower pace than the other scenic drives. Some suggested picturesque stops are Pointe Vicente Lighthouse, Wayfarer’s Chapel, the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the Korean Bell of Friendship at Angel’s Gate Park in San Pedro.

Pacific Coast Highway

The quintessential scenic route along the California coastline, spans the entire West Coast of the US, with nearly 650 miles of coastal views. The Pacific Coast Highway stretches from California’s northern border with Oregon all the way down to San Diego making it the longest road in California but is also considered one of the most scenic drives in the US. With non-stop coastal views, beach towns and piers, and panoramic vantage points from the various mountain ranges there are so many wonderful spots to pullover at and explore it just comes down to whatever tickles your curiosity. Beware California’s coast has led to portions of Highway 1 being closed for long periods of time. To avoid being re-routed further inland, be sure to check the current conditions before departing.

Angeles Crest Scenic Byway

An often-overlooked scenic drive because it is inland is the Angeles Crest Scenic Byway which runs through the San Gabriel mountain range all the way through the Angeles National Forest. Climbing up to almost 8,000 feet, the drive will take you through spectacular views of the Pomona Valley and the Mojave Desert. Be sure to pack a picnic, as there are plenty of areas to stop and enjoy lunch with your view, as well as several trailheads for running, hiking or climbing. The most popular is the San Gabriel Peak, an easy hike with views you’ll never forget. At the top of the summit, you can enjoy a 360 view of the surrounding area and neighborhoods of Pasadena or Glendale.

Link to check road conditions: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/display.php?page=sr1