Felix Fooks sponsors Val Kilmer’s TwainMania Foundation Launch

Rodeo Realty’s Felix Fooks served as one of the event sponsors for actor Val Kilmer’s launch of TwainMania Foundation for Media Literacy.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif (June 7, 2019)- At a lavish estate in the hills of Bel Air, actor Val Kilmer launched his foundation TwainMania for Media Literacy. Rodeo Realty’s Felix Fooks served as one of the event sponsors for the non-profit event.

The event has already gone on to receive press attention with the Hollywood Reporter being on site for the private star-studded affair. In their exclusive interview they spoke on some of the event highlights which included “collecting donations directly…an art gallery where guests could bid on artwork created by Kilmer, some of which featured Doc Holiday, his iconic character from Tombstone. A film of his one-man show played in the mansion’s screening room and TVs throughout the house played clips from dozens of Kilmer’s famous film roles.”

Powered by the revolutionary new technology platform GVNG, the TwainMania Foundation was founded by Val Kilmer with the sole mission to use art and education as a means to inspire people from all walks of life on what it means to be an American, utilizing the legacy and lessons of prolific author Mark Twain.

“Mark Twain can teach people today by applying a critical thinking lens to problems in our society, and by always asking the tough and probing questions in order to make collective progress for America and our communities,” said Kilmer. “I believe Americans can be the best version of themselves by instituting the lessons and historical teachings of Twain.”

The concept of TwainMania Foundation was born out of HELMEL Studios, and in such will be teaming up with the creative arts space to offer art exhibits, installations, films, plays and performance pieces that promote social good as well as provide a place for community members to exhibit art.

Working with GVNG, Val Kilmer and The TwainMania Foundation join a host of other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Richard Branson and others who have started  their nonprofits through the GVNG platform. GVNG is the first and only platform in the world that enables people and companies to start, run and operate a 501(c)(3) nonprofit[1]within 60 seconds, allowing users to begin fundraising and distributing grants or running nonprofit programs instantly.

Other sponsors for the event include: Peroni, Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards, The Krim Group, and Today I’m Brave.

About TwainMania Foundation

The TwainMania Foundation uses art and education to inspire people of all backgrounds and ages to learn what it means to be an American, through the legacy and lessons of Mark Twain. The TwainMania Foundation was born out of HELMEL Studios, a sacred space for artists and novices to create art and performances pieces, which promote collaborations that spark change and catalyze giving in local communities.

Learn more about TwainMania at https://twainmaniafoundation.gvng.org/.

About GVNG

GVNG is the first and only technology platform that enables individuals and companies to start and run a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit instantly [2].  GVNG is democratizing philanthropy by making it accessible to all people. The company was started in 2016 and is now considered one of the leading PhilTech companies (Philanthropy Technology) in the world.

To date in 2019 GVNG has launched hundreds of new nonprofits and its users have raised millions of dollars in donations on the platform and have equally distributed millions of dollars in philanthropic grants to organizations across the US and the world. GVNG’s nonprofits have been active all over the globe, from rebuilding Malibu, Puerto Rico, and Texas after the fires, hurricanes and floods, to helping save the people of Venezuela from starvation and homelessness, GVNG’s users are at the forefront of what it means to be a true philanthropist.

Please visit www.gvng.com to learn more and get started changing the world today!

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[1]The term “nonprofit” refers to a “nonprofit project” of GVNG.org, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation